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Ozscape Designs: Bathroom Decor & Bedroom Decor for Kids & You

kids Value shower curtains

Let the magic of Ozscape Designs transform your bathroom with original, quality, and eco-conscious decor. Our heartfelt commitment to unique, joy-inspiring designs will whisk your children away to a whimsical wonderland. With eco-friendly practices, global manufacturing hubs, and unwavering quality control, we ensure top-notch products. Enjoy the versatility of choosing between 3 lengths including an 84″ and 96″ extra long length and a curtain that arrives ready to hang with hooks included.  (Available in the USA only)

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Value Shower curtain Features

Using the same environmentally friendly printing technique as our premium range that produces vibrant colors  and has zero water wastage, these curtains are fade-resistant and water wicking – everything you need to keep the water in the right place.

Experience the Perfect Blend of Function and Style!

With original designer artwork exclusive to Ozscape Designs to choose from, and available in three sizes, you also have the added option of ordering an extra long length. 

We also include 12 hooks for immediate hanging.

12 reinforced metal grommets offer a reliable opening for hook placement and ease of sliding your curtain open and closed and all edges are fully hemmed.

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shower curtains - customer reviews

"REALLY pretty and unique. My kitties give the paw of approval."
Roberta- California, USA
Rated 5 / 5

ozscape Designs

Dive into our story and see how we’re transforming spaces, one bathroom at a time. Discover how we create our unique, smile-inducing bathroom designs crafted with top-quality in mind. 

enchanting allure

“Upgrading your bathroom is not just about improving the aesthetics, it’s about creating a space that makes you feel wonderful every time you step into it.”